History Of Islip ARES
Islip Amateur Radio Emergency Services was established in 1984.
Islip ARES consists of licensed amateur radio operators who
dedicate their time and equipment to assist the Town of Islip and
charitable organizations with communications in a time of need.
Some of our members are also registered with the Suffolk County Emergency
Management Office as Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service volunteers
Over the years Islip ARES member ship has grown and shrunk. In the 90's
our membership ballooned to 40 members. We with the other ARES groups
of Suffolk County have developed a system of mutual aid. This way during
the times of lower membership we are able to provide the communications
needed by having the help of other town ARES members,
The use of mutual Aid has brought about a very good working relationship
with the ARES groups in our neighboring towns. Such as Babylon ARES,
Bookheaven ARES and Smithtown ARES.
The 911 attack in New York City is an example where we answered a call for
mutual aid. Our members served for 8 to 10 days as part of the initial
communications support for downtown NYC. Our members served alongside
many agencies at all levels of government providing support to Red Cross
and even assisting with the routing of out of state aid that was pouring into
the area which had to be routed to staging areas, such as Shea Stadium.
Major events that Islip ARES assisted in providing communications for.
Hurricane Gloria Hurricane Floyd
Wild Fires of Long Island Flight 800
World Trade Center September 11,2001 Hurricane Sandy
Islip ARES has five training events a year.
These training events are our public service events.
Our members who are also RACES volunteers have at least taken
ICS-100 and ICS-700.
Each Month Islip ARES Volunteer Examiners hold amateur radio license
For the past 27 years it has been our honor and pleasure to provide radio
communications for the Town of Islip when needed.