It is a simple matter to join ARES. We have attached the ARES application to this site in two formats, Microsoft word and PDF. If you have Microsoft office or Open Office you can open the word file and fill in the application. Then E-Mail the application file back to me. If you do not have word then . All you need to do is print out the attached ARES application PDF file and then send it back to me. If you have a method of scanning in the completed application then you can send it back to me via an E-Mail. If not you are unable to email the file to me it can be faxed to (631)647-5216 ATTN: Shawn.

Microsoft Word Format     Adobe PDF format

The above puts you on my ARES roster and my E-Mail distribution list. It does not make you eligible to be called when an emergency happens. In order to be called when an emergency happens you have to participate in our public service events. Our public service events are our training. We have four public service events each year. After your second public service event I will give you your ARES ID card.