NORTH Melbourne won't be discouraged from adding more midfielders with their prized top three selections at next week's NAB AFL Draft, according to list manager Brady Rawlings, with George Wardlaw among those in the Kangaroos' sights.

North has used its past five first-round selections to pick midfielders, adding Jason Horne-Francis (pick No.1 in 2021), Will Phillips and Tom Powell (No.3 and No.13 in 2020), Tarryn Thomas (No.8 in 2018 via Next Generation Academy) and Jy Simpkin (No.12 in 2016).

Despite the shock departure of Horne-Francis last month, it means the Kangas already have plenty of young midfielders on their list, but Rawlings says it won't discourage the club from adding more next week.

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Horne-Francis's exit means the Roos have been left with selections No.2 and No.3 this year, giving them access to multiple top-end midfielders like Victorian ball-winner Wardlaw.

"We're not going to not pick a mid because of what we've already got. We think any mid that comes in can help us as well," Rawlings told's NAB AFL Draft Countdown show on Thursday.

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"We want to have a deep midfield that can roll through there, rather than just focus on three or four mids. We want to be a midfield with a lot of depth that can play in different positions as well."

A powerful and damaging midfielder, Wardlaw has suffered a series of hamstring injuries this season but was able to show recruiters what he is capable of in the early rounds of the year.

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"We've been seeing George play since his under-16s, and same with the other boys," Rawlings said.

"He hasn't had a lot of football this year, but going into this season he was very heavily touted as a potential No.1 pick.

"He plays with absolute power and his inside game is pretty special with his ball-hunting and the pressure he applies.

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"We knew a lot about George before this season and saw a bit of him at NAB League. Then he had the injuries after that.

"His body of work over a period of time has been enough for all clubs, I would have thought."

Another player heavily linked to North Melbourne is Sandringham Dragons forward/midfielder Harry Sheezel, who booted 49 goals across all competitions this season and showed an ability to go through the midfield as well.

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"Obviously he's a phenomenal talent and any club that gets Harry into their club will be rapt," Rawlings said.

"He gets plenty of shots on goal in many different ways and it makes him really hard to play on."

Another youngster on North's radar is father-son prospect Cooper Harvey, but Rawlings said the son of champion Brent Harvey is aware the club cannot guarantee it would match a bid.

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"We have positioned ourselves that if (a bid) came at a late pick or not at all then we'll obviously take him," Rawlings said.

"He's a really talented player, Cooper. He's a bit bigger than his dad ... and he's a strong player."

Rawlings added he is not certain if the Kangaroos would be willing to bid on likely No.1 selection Will Ashcroft if Greater Western Sydney, who have the top pick, does not.