GOLD Coast's interest in gun WA midfielder Reuben Ginbey looks to have intensified after a late trip to the ball-winner's hometown this week for a meeting with his family.

Ginbey is one of the players who will shape the early parts of the NAB AFL Draft on Monday night, with interest from multiple clubs in the top 10, including West Coast at pick No.8.

The 18-year-old has bolted into calculations this season after a growth spurt and All-Australian performance in the midfield during the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships.

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Suns meet with WA gun as they search for 'top-end midfielder'

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Gold Coast's national recruiting manager Kall Burns said the Suns are targeting a midfielder with their first selection at pick No.5 and Ginbey is among the group they were monitoring.

"It’s a really strong midfield Draft at the top end this year and we'd like to target that area," Burns told's NAB AFL Draft Countdown show on Thursday.

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"There's a number of players in that area of the Draft who have that real versatility where they can either go forward, back, or add some power to the midfield as well.

"We did a quick dash over the Dunsborough (250km south of Perth) on Tuesday. It was just an opportunity, Reuben happened to be home from his school in Wesley in Perth, so he was home with Mum and Dad, and it was a great opportunity to go over and see him in his natural habitat.

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"In terms of the drafting, the volume of the work is done, it's just an opportunity to take our welfare manager over and meet with the family and discuss what it could look like."

Burns said Ginbey and his family are open to the midfielder moving across the country, with the lifestyle in Queensland likely to suit the keen surfer.

Victorian midfielders Bailey Humphrey and Jhye Clark are others the Suns are monitoring with their pick No.5, which will be their only selection in the opening round.

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Draft prospect: Reuben Ginbey

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Burns said the club had no intention of manoeuvring up or down from that pick on Draft night, with the club likely to only use two selections in total.

The club is keen to add mature talent through either the NAB AFL Rookie Draft or Supplemental Selection Period and has been linked to former North Melbourne midfielder Jed Anderson, ex-Fremantle player Connor Blakely and delisted Greater Western Sydney defender Jake Stein.

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"Both machinations, the Rookie Draft and the SSP, are things we will explore for that mature talent," Burns said.

"We'd like to bring in some AFL experience to really supplement what we've got and continue to drive our younger group forward, so we'll explore that.

"He (Anderson) has put his nomination in, so we'll explore that. We're likely to hold one or two spots open for those SSP players."